Policy of food safety

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『Corporate Philosophy』

  • About our traditional background and quality-control system

    Established since 1940, Oishi Tea Factory is one of the historical tea companies located in Yame city.
    Our aim is to deliver healthy, natural and safe tea products all year long with the same level of quality.

  • Test of pesticide residues and radiation

    To meet customers' needs, levels of pesticide residues and radiation could be provided if requested.
    We can also provide organic and pesticide-free teas.
    With all of our heart, we wish to provide you the safest and healthiest Japanese tea.

  • Ingredients analysis

    By analyzing levels of catechin, theanine and other amino acids, we can control the deliciousness and freshness of our teas.
    With this data, we do our best for providing you the same level of quality and freshness in our teas all year long.

  • Sensory test

    We are not only analyzing teas' composition but also its "shape", "color" and "flavor" thanks to the expertise of our experienced staff members.

  • Japanese tea specialist

    The purchase of tea leaves is conducted by experienced tea specialists within Oishi Tea Factory who have participated into national tea contests and own exceptional experiences in the tea industry.
    Besides, many of our staff members are well-trained and own the Japanese tea instructor qualification.
    With this excellent team, high quality Japanese tea is definitely guaranteed.