Introduction to the factory

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Manufacturing and providing the products with our hearts.

Introduction to our facilities and processes
Our company uses heating machines and technologies suitable for answering all customers' requests.
In order to satisfy you, we put all our heart and skills into the products we make and keep on seeking for the greatest teas.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Process1
    Raw material loading
  • Process2
  • Process3
    Throw inmore
  • Process4
  • Process5
  • Process6
    CCD image sensormore
  • Process7
  • Process8
    Metal detector
  • Process9
    Filling and sealingmore
  • Process10
    Label and shipmentmore
  • Process3Throw in

    Following standard operating procedure to throw in the raw material

  • Process4Electrical sorting machine

    By applying the difference of electric charge to remove the contaminations

  • Process4Color sorting machine

    Utilizing CCD sensor to remove contamination. Control and adjust the ejection level by touch panel device.

  • Process6Contamination ejection(Foreign substance removal)

    With high sensitive CCD camera to eject contaminations from other manufacture process.

  • Process7Blending equipment

    Throw the tea into the tank, heating up while rotating. An important process of mixing and blending.

  • Process9UDA packing machine

    Well-blended tea may be influenced if exposed under open air environment, so that, UDA packing machine play an important role to make tea product vacuum-sealed.

  • Process10Filling, sealing, labeling and shipping

    Make sure the product name and weight is clearly written on the aluminum package or paper bag. Following indications to ship the goods without mistake and breakage.