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"Developing delicious and healthy products" As the historical Yame tea manufacturer established since 1940,
we are not only devoting all our efforts into developing healthy and exquisite world class products, but also cherishing every customer and employee we meet.

Diverse teas are provided by Oishi Tea Factory, from Sencha, Matcha, Gyokuro, Hōjicha, Bancha to tea powders in order to meet any customer's needs.
Besides tea products, we also devote to develop nutrient food, such as gyokuro plum, dashi, matcha sweets and mulberry green juice.

Oishi Tea Factory will keep on contributing to maintain healthy, nature-growing and delicious teas.
  • About Oishi Tea Factory
  • History of Oishi Tea Factory
  • About Oishi Tea Factory

    Company nameOISHICHAEN CO.,LTD
    Address1071 Murooka, Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. 834-0066 
    T E L0943-24-0010
    F A X0943-24-0020
    RepresentativeMr. Goji Oishi
    Capital stock50 million JPY
    EstablishedEstablished in 1940
    Associate companyOchamura CO., LTD
    We offer a wide variety of products such as
    • 1Aracha (unrefined tea)
    • 2Refined tea(※1)
    • 3Diverse tea
    • 4Matcha
    • 5Instant tea

    (※1)Sencha, Gyokuro, Hōjicha, Bancha, Konacha and tea powder

    As tea manufacturer, satisfying all of the customers is our objective.
    Please feel free to contact us with any queries.
    (i.e. Shape, flavor, taste etc.)

    Production line
    Manufacturing equipment are well-appointed to manufacture many kinds of tea and meet customers’ needs.
    The equipment for safety control is also well-equipped, which includes

    • 1Blending machine
    • 2Sieving machine
    • 3Roaster
    • 4Foreign object sorter
    • 5Metal detector
    • 6Air shower
    Experienced tea specialists will introduce the mystery of tea to you.
    For tea sample, quotation or other needs, we will try our best to reply you as soon as possible
    Based on the training policy, the employee tutoring reviewed every year contains the following modules

    • 1Processing skills workshop
    • 2Japanese tea sorting workshop (sensory inspection)
    • 3Odor discrimination workshop
    • 4Judgment on nonconforming products (according to company regulations)
    • 5Raw material identification workshop
  • History of Oishi Tea Factory

    1940 Oishi Tea Factory was established by Mr. Mitsumi Oishi who developed his personal tea fields in Yame (Fukuoka prefecture)
    1954 Mr. Kenji Oishi appointed as Representative director
    1972 Company name changed into OISHICHAEN CO.,LTD
    1977 Oishi Tea Factory’s tea fields are recognized and awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    1978 Acquisition of manufacture equipment and cold storage facilities
    1991 Creation of Ochamura and development of direct sales dedicated to non-professional customers
    2002 Mr. Goji Oishi appointed as Representative director
    2008 Acquisition of high-sensitive contamination ejection machine (CCD)
    2010 The manufacturing division is equipped with air showers
    2012 Yame tea from Oishi Tea Factory received the Gold Medal at the 9th International Tea Appraisal
    2017 The Traditional Authentic Yame Gyokuro is awarded the Gold Prize during the World Green Tea Contest 2017


1071 Murooka, Yame city, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. 834-0066 

Oishi Tea Factory established since 1940 aims at contributing to the renown of the tea from Yame and also Japanese tea globally.